The Office of the President, in collaboration with Staff Council, would like to congratulate and recognize the following 2021/22 Staff Recognition Award recipients!

 (From left to right - Top Row: Pamela Kirschner, Laura Sullivan, Nora Montoya, Alexander Bippus, Nicki Viso. Bottom Row: Samantha (Sammi) Martinez, Janeth Serrano, Rob Keever, Jessica Citti, Kristina Hunt, Susan Wright)


2021/22 Award Recipients (in alpha order, by last name):

Alexander Bippus
Jessica Citti
Kristina Hunt
Rob Keever
Pamela Kirschner
Samantha (Sammi) Martinez
Nora Montoya
Janeth Serrano
Laura Sullivan
Nicki Viso
Susan Wright

 *This year there are 11 award recipients as there was a tie for the 10th spot.


Alexander Bippus, Indian Natural Resources Science and Engineering Program + Diversity in STEM

Alex Bippus is an asset to Cal Poly Humboldt students through their natural mentorship abilities, an asset to the INRSEP+ program, and an asset to Cal Poly Humboldt. Through one-on-one student mentoring, INRSEP+ team work, cross university collaborations, and community engagement, they have demonstrated they are truly an exemplary employee.


Jessica Citti, Learning Center 

Humboldt is very fortunate to have Dr. Citti as a staff member on our campus. They approach every challenge and opportunity with great thoughtfulness, collaborative spirit, and student-centeredness that is truly amazing. Dr. Citti is a model to Humboldt students. They are kind, professional, collegial, curious, equitable, and collaborative. I believe they embody what we hope Humboldt students will become as future graduates.


Kristina Hunt, Academic and Career Advising Center

Kristina is dedicated and devoted to student success. She is a fabulous co-worker, team player and career services advocate. She is always to take on new challenges and responsibilities and does so with grace and great attitude.


Rob Keever, Dean of Students Office

Rob is an amazing colleague and champion of student support. Rob has created and started many initiatives to institutionalize and systematically change how our campus supports students. Rob is an invaluable resource and an asset to the university.


Pamela Kirschner, Office of Student Life

She is kind, optimistic, and incredibly hard working. Pam has been thrown hurdle after hurdle that she overcomes with intentional optimism while also challenging the process to ensure it best serves our students and the university.


Samantha (Sammi) Martinez, Retention through Academic Mentoring Program

Sammi channels her lived experiences as an Humboldt alumnus, STEM graduate, first-generation Native woman into a free-flowing, yet strategic style of support and guidance for each of the 25-30 mentors hired each year. She focuses on supporting, respectfully guiding and accompanying student leaders in their development as scholars and paraprofessionals. As a result, the spaces they share with peers across campus create interactions which support the students’ ongoing work towards successful navigation of the university. In addition, her insight and perspective into how RAMP can aspire to contribute to the university’s goals regarding our persistent equity gaps are crucial to the program.


Nora Montoya, Academic and Career Advising Center

Nora is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic, personal and professional goals. She is an attentive listener, caring and thoughtful career advisor. She is always willing to help with a project, brings thoughtful ideas, and is a great team player and collaborator.


Janeth Serrano, Financial Aid

Janeth is a role model of a high performing employee, working mother, community leader and mentor to many who are attracted to her servant leadership, passion and desire to make a lasting impact. She is a lovely person inside and out.


Laura Sullivan, Student Medical Services

The SHC lab COULD NOT have stayed fully operational during the pandemic, and while short-staffed, without Laura's willingness and ability to rise to the occasion and provide the necessary leadership! Laura is a true asset to the Student Health Center, to campus, and to the student patients receiving care.


Nicki Viso,Title IX & Discrimination, Harassment, & Retaliation Prevention

Nicki's particular penchant for transparency, care, and collaboration is not only worth recognition, but also a key component of increased efforts to make Cal Poly Humboldt a more safe and aware place where current and potential students can gain access to affordable, high-quality education that is responsive to the needs of a fast-changing world.


Susan Wright, Department of Biological Sciences

What stands out about Susan, is the way that she does her job. Her tone and attitude toward the students, staff, faculty and the University itself is incredibly supportive, compassionate, and positive, while her work ethic is driven and conscientious. Susan Wright is an exceptional employee of Cal Poly Humboldt! Susan has shown dedication to the students and all their efforts. She has become an invaluable asset to the department and is involved with school administrative tasks. She has proved time and time again to be reliable, caring, and knowledgeable.



To honor our Award recipients, there will be a private luncheon hosted by President Jackson and Staff Council. More details about this private event will be communicated soon with our recipients!


Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Staff Recognition Awards process, including a very special thank you to the President’s Office staff, to each person who took time to nominate a staff member, and to our 2021/22 Staff Council members who conducted the review of all nominations. And a big shout out to our incredible Cal Poly Humboldt staff members who do outstanding work to support our campus community and continue to lift each other up each day. Thank you!



Past Award Recipients

2020/21 Award Recipients (in alpha order, by last name):

Yvonne Doble

Marlette Grant Jackson

Michele Miyamoto

Amie Rodriquez

Karen Selin

Michael Serrano

Melea Smith

Annette Troxel

Corrina Wells

Sabrina Zink


2019-2020 Award Recipients (in alpha order, by last name):

Susan Brater

Liz Deck

Kyle Leitzke

Raven Palomera

Courtney Proctor

Betsy Rogers

Danielle Trapkus

Jaime Tripp-Carter

Kumi Watanabe-Schock

Travis Williams


2018-2019 Award Recipients (in alpha order, by last name):

Travis Fleming

Sei Hee Hwang

Gay Hylton

Molly Kresl

Pedro Martinez

Steve Monk

Kelda Quintana

Debra Ryerson

Paula Tripp-Allen

Erika Wright