Staff Council Representatives

Staff Council 2019/20

Jessica Welch - President

Department: University Library

Term: 2019-2020

President Jessica Welch has served on Staff Council since 2017. She is the co-founder of the Gender Equity Working Group within Staff Council, working to address issues of gender bias in the workplace, and has served as Chair of the Staff Council Recruitment Committee.

In addition to her work on Staff Council, Jessica is the Administrative Support Coordinator for the HSU Library, providing administrative support for the Library Dean, staff, faculty and students. Jessica is a graphic designer for the Library, collaborating to design marketing and outreach materials that highlight the connection, value, and impact between the Library and student academic success. Her recent design projects include the Library’s annual report and newsletters.

Jessica is the founder and facilitator of the Library’s Student Supervisors Team cultivating teamwork and collaboration. She is a co-facilitator for the Library’s Marketing & Outreach Team, serves on the IdeaFest planning committee and is the Library liaison for the I’ve Been Admitted to College outreach programming.

Jessica has been part of the HSU community, and in the Library, for five years and in the administrative support field for 17 years.

Cortney Koors - Vice President


Department: College of Natural Resources and Sciences

Term: 2019-2021

Cortney serves the staff, faculty, and administrators in the College of Natural Resources & Sciences at HSU, where her primary duties include support for the Natural Resources and Environmental Systems graduate programs, coordination of Institutional Animal Care and Use, and the publication of the college newsletter and website. She earned a B.S. in Biology at HSU and has worked here for 15 years, beginning with her student assistant appointment in 2004. She fancies at least five cups of tea a day, and if you want to learn more about her, message or call x3256.   

Mary Watson - Secretary

Department: University Senate

Term: 2019-2020

Mary is an alumna of Humboldt State (class of '14), and began her career at HSU during undergrad. She worked on campus from 2015-2017 in the Sponsored Programs Foundation, and has the good fortune to be the Administrative Coordinator for the University Senate, as well as the General Faculty, the Emeritus and Retired Faculty Assc., and the University Faculty Personnel Committee, since 2017.

Her campus service includes: representing non-MPP staff on the Constitution and Bylaws Committee since 2016; serving as Senate Parliamentarian from 2017-2018; and serving as Staff Council Governance Committee Chair after she joined the Council in 2018.

When not working, Mary enjoys reading, listening to rap music, calligraphy, watercolor, and being near her husband and their 9-year-old Netherland Dwarf rabbit (who they call The Bun). Please visit her in her office in Gist Hall 101D, or call her up at extension x3651.

Anthony Baker - Treasurer

Department: College of Natural Resources and Sciences

Term: 2019-2020

Anthony is the Budget, Resource and Safety Coordinator for the College of Natural Resources and Sciences (CNRS), Dean's Office. Anthony is an HSU graduate, having earned his B.S. in Biology in 1994.  He has been working at HSU since January 1998. Prior to his current position in CNRS, Anthony held positions on campus in Administrative Affairs as a University Budget Analyst and as coordinator of business services in Facilities Management.  For much of his career at Humboldt, he worked in the biological sciences coordinating the Biology stockroom and the Biology Core Facility.

He has a diverse set of skills and interests including microscopy, molecular biology and environmental studies, an extensive background in student support and training, facilities and resource management, laboratory safety, and the development, coordination and stewardship of state budgets and resources.

Outside work he enjoys his family, two dogs, two cats, eight chickens, and seven goldfish, running, hiking, photography, Making, looking at rocks and being outside. Please visit him in his office in Forestry 106A, or call him up at extension x3560.

Sasha Wallace - Councilor

Department: Housing and Residence Life

Term: 2018-2020

Bio coming soon!

Lauren Lynch - Councilor

Department: College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Term: 2018-2020

Bio coming soon!

Brandon McMillin - Chair, Recruitment and Recognition Committee

Department: Accounting

Term: 2019-2021

This is Brandon’s first term serving on Staff Council. Brandon has been with HSU since 2017, first working in Student Financial Services and now in the Accounting Department as an Accounting Technician and Asset Manager. Nothing satisfies Brandon more than developing new relationships, solving problems, and contributing to the overall growth of HSU.

When not devoting his energy to HSU, Brandon can be found studying for his degree and Real Estate license, walking/hiking with his girlfriend and their dog, relaxing at his cabin at Trinity Lake, attending a local event or fundraiser, or socializing with friends and family. Visit Brandon on the third floor of the Student Business Services Building or contact him by email,

Deserie Donae - Councilor

Department: Center Activities

Term: 2019-2021

Deserie Donae serves on Staff Council and as non-MPP Staff Representative on the University Policies Committee (2019-2021). Deserie is an alumna of Humboldt State (class of ’99).

After graduation, she worked first in the Psychology field for the McKinleyville School District and the Humboldt Office of Education, and later moved to Maui, Hawaii, where she stayed for twelve years, working as Director of Education at the Maui Ocean Center, and Director of Naturalists at Pacific Whale Foundation for a period of five years. Steeped in Hawaiian culture and many years of studying Hawaiian healing modalities, Deserie worked her way up to the position of Alaka’I, a level of cultural leadership, mentoring, and guiding for various healing centers. Deserie began working with University Center in 2015, as the Adventure Program Supervisor for both Center Activities and the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center.

When not working, Deserie enjoys making healing herbal products, mountain biking and beach walks with her husband in between renovating their new home. Visit her at the Recreation Wellness Center, or call her at extension x6013.

Steven Margell - Chair, Governance Committee

Department: HSI STEM

Term: 2019-2021

Steven is an alumni of Humboldt State (B.S. in '10, M.S. in '16) that tutored Math and Physics throughout his undergraduate career and taught Math at HSU and College of the Redwoods from 2014-2017.

He has been working under the HSI-STEM grant for over two years as the Lead Project Evaluator and leads all assessment activities related to the grant as well as interfacing in a technical capacity with various campus departments.

Outside of his duties at HSU, Steven tends his garden with his two small children, is a fictive woodworker, and seek out shady river spots. Stop by his office in Wildlife 150 anytime to talk about data analysis or contact him at extension x3586.

Casey Park - Councilor

Department: Associated Students

Term: 2019-2021

Casey is the Associated Students Board Coordinator. She supports the Associated Students Board of Directors (HSU's student government) and its funded programs to help students in their endeavors to enhance campus. This will be Casey’s first year serving on Staff Council, but during her undergraduate years at HSU, Casey was not only a student of Wildlife Biology, but also a student representative, Vice Chair and Chair of the University Center Board of Directors.

If Casey could be, she would be in or around water (a lake, a river or the ocean) all the time. She is a lover of ice cream, manatees, the color yellow and participatory democracy. Want to get connected to student leaders on campus? She can help with that. Stop by the Associated Students Office on the 2nd floor of the University Center building or give her a ring at x4221.

Amelia Wright - Councilor

Department: College of Extended Ed. and Global Engagement

Term: 2019-2021

Amelia has been working at HSU since 2012; for the first 4 ½ years in a split position for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences doing website updates and providing administrative support to the Communication Department and the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. For the past 2 ½ years, she has worked as the Program Support Specialist for the College of Extended Education and Global Engagement.

Amelia really enjoys being a part of the HSU community and looks forward to working with her fellow colleagues to bring about positive change on campus. Contact Amelia by email at or by phone at 826-5879.

Kailyn Doyle - Councilor

Department: Admissions

Term: 2019-2021

Bio coming soon!

Sulaina Banks - Chair, Service Projects Committee

Department: Financial Aid

Term: 2019-2021

Sulaina is an alumna of Humboldt State University (Class of 2017).  In 2012, she moved from a small desert town called California City, CA, to attend HSU. During her undergrad years, Sulaina began her career at HSU working at the Financial Aid Office.

When not devoting her energy to HSU, Sulaina can be found hiking with her dog, playing Sims4 or WoW, and taking care of her plant babies. Please visit her by stopping by the Financial Aid Office, or call her at extension x5379.

Molly Pucillo - Councilor

Department: Admissions

Term: 2018-2020

Molly is a proud Humboldt native and was honored to begin in her role as Local Pathways Coordinator with the Office of Admissions in September 2018, a position she feels merges her passions for community-building, equity, and education. In this role, she works with students, staff, and faculty at HSU, the Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE), and community partners to coordinate events, camps, and programs that bring local middle and high school students to HSU. Molly is also part of the Get Ready Humboldt team, a partnership between HSU, CR, HCOE, student ambassadors, and local businesses to support parents, guardians, and families as they prepare the youth in their lives for college.

Molly holds a B.A. from Gonzaga University and a M.Ed from Arizona State University. She has been fortunate enough to serve as a middle school teacher in Phoenix, a program coordinator for the City of Portland, and a program coordinator for the City of New Orleans. She is excited to be back in Humboldt to share her experience, passion, and vision with her home community.

Molly has a “work hard, play hard” mentality and when she’s not enjoying what she feels is the best job at HSU, she is out hiking, tidepooling, road tripping, taking photos, and soaking up just about any experience or conversation with family and friends. If you’d like to chat education or adventure, drop by to visit with Molly in SBS 295 or give her a call at x5481.

Gabby Pelayo - Chair, Marketing Committee

Department: Academic Personnel Services

Term: 2019-2021

Gabriela is an Alumna of Humboldt State University (Class of 2016). She has been living and working at Humboldt State since 2012. Gabriela is originally from the San Fernando Valley in the LA area and moved to Arcata to attend HSU. She was a member of the active Delta Phi Epsilon, Epsilon Upsilon chapter as HSU and became alum in 2016. As a collegiate member she served as the alumni programmer and Vice President of Academic Affairs. She is still very connected to the chapter and is in the process of transitioning into an advisor role for the active chapter’s Vice President of Operations.

When not working at HSU, Gabriela can be found hanging out at the beach no matter the weather. She enjoys hikes in the beautiful forest surrounding HSU. Please feel free to visit her in the Academic Personnel Office located in Seimens hall, or call her at extension x5086. There is usually a bowl of candies or goodies on her desk.

Lorraine Casazza - Councilor

Department: Learning Center

Term: 2019-2021

Lorraine began her career at HSU in 2018 as the new STEM Learning Specialist in the Learning Center. She earned her PhD in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley in 2012, and taught oceanography, geology, and academic skills at Al Akhawayn University for several years before coming to HSU.

When she isn’t working with tutors in the Math and Science Tutoring Labs, she enjoys writing science fiction, the outdoors, and any kind of DIY project. You can find her in Library 118, or call her at ext. 5189.

Katlin Goldenberg - Councilor

Katlin Goldenberg

Department: HSI STEM

Term: 2019-2021

Katlin is an alumna of HSU, having earned her M.S. in Natural Resources (Wildlife) in 2013. She began working under a CSU STEM Collaboratives in 2015 grant to launch the Klamath Connection program, HSU's first freshmen learning community. This work evolved and expanded under the HSI STEM grant, with the goal of serving all first time freshmen in the College of Natural Resources and Sciences. Under HSI STEM, Katlin works as Director of Place Based Learning Communities and oversees the operation of all five CNRS learning communities: Klamath Connection, Stars to Rocks, Rising Tides, Among Giants, and Representing Realities (launching fall '20). She most enjoys finding ways to make University processes more efficient, solving particularly tricky problems, and collaborating across divisions to better serve students.

While not at work, Katlin prefers to spend most of her time outdoors hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, or mushroom hunting with her husband, dog, and young son. On Humboldt's finest rainy days, she can be found inside curled up with her cat and a good book or cooking new recipes. You are welcome to stop by her office in SBS 305, or contact her at extension x3383.