Tina Okoye

Staff Spotlight: Tina Okoye, Resident Life Coordinator


Tina is originally from the east coast, New Jersey. Before coming to Humboldt, Tina was getting her Masters Degree at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA where she worked as a Graduate Assistant her first year and Residence Life her second year.



Tina's motivation to work hard is knowing that she has people looking up to her. Whether they are students, peers, colleagues, or friends, Tina is blessed to know that there are people who are rooting for her and wanting her to be the best version of herself. When she has her days of doubt, skepticism and just downright apathy, her village keeps her motivated and helps her push through those dark days.


When Tina is not at work, she is volunteering at the Vets Hall in Arcata where she gets to connect with Vets and find ways to bridge the gap between Vets at HSU and Vets in the local community. Tina also is involved with the NAACP chapter in Eureka. During Black History Month, she facilitated conversations regarding some documentaries that were shown around Humboldt County.


Tina's hero's are her parents. She is a first generation American and her family is from Nigeria, specifically Igbo. Tina's parents came to the states with nothing, but their intelligence, hard work, ethic, and resilience. They flew thousands of miles away from everything they knew and loved to give their children a better life. Her mother was taking care of three children, all under the age of 2, by herself while her dad was working to save money. Moving to the West Coast, where Tina knew no one, had to start her own life, and be far away from her family, around the same age her mother did (24 turning 25), while no where near the same journey, it gave her a perspective that she will never forget; going outside of your comfort zone can create something amazing. Tina is very proud to be the product of immigrant parents as they raised three amazing, smart and beautiful children.


Tina's proudest accomplishment is seeing the students she works with succeed. Seeing the success of her students is something that will always be an accomplishment to her. Another accomplishment Tina is proud of is living financially independent. The reason why she mentions financial independence is because in this day and age, it is becoming almost impossible to be financially independent because of the financial burdens that are set on us; student debt with high interest rates, expensive housing, expensive food, awful wages, etc. When we are not really given the proper tools on how to navigate a more expensive world, it leads folks into poverty. Therefore, Tina is grateful that some of the hard decisions she had to make, have been worth it; especially financially. 

You can find Tina enjoying her lunch at the Windows Cafe!